Five Event Management Tips for Hosting a Charity Dinner in 2019

Here at Ultimate Experience, we know that every type of event is different, unique, and comes with its own challenges. As such, making a success out of each and every one requires us to think carefully about the event’s specific goals, the types of audiences and attendees we’re trying to please, and the individual boxes […]

Considerations for a Charity Event

Planning your next fundraiser or charity dinner? Then read below for our top tips on how to run a successful charity event and ensure you reach your donations target.   Five factors to consider when planning your next charity event:   1 – Capacity   Make sure the capacity of your desired venue is appropriate […]

What makes a great fundraiser venue

Planning your next fundraiser event in the near future? Whether you’re considering a small, medium or large event, here’s what makes a great fundraiser venue! Five features of a great fundraiser venue 1 – Ambience Give your prospective guests something to look forward to. Whether it’s a luxury London fundraiser venue with fantastic views of Tower […]

7 Creative Fundraising Games for Summer Parties

Introducing a fundraising element to your summer event helps to get your guests actively participating and engaged with your party whilst helping you to do your bit for charity. What’s not to love?! When raising money for charity, think creatively about how to engage visitors and what will make them want to get involved with […]

Host your next charity fundraiser with us

Hosting your charity fundraiser with Ultimate Experience Planning a charity fundraiser in the near future? Whether you’re looking for an intimate venue or a high-scale 1000+ capacity space, here’s why you should choose us. Five reasons to choose Ultimate Experience for your next charity fundraiser Choose from a fantastic portfolio of luxury venues From large-scale […]

Ideas for Party Food to Improve your Charity Event

Food ideas for a London charity party with Ultimate Experience The charity experience is being redefined – thanks to social media. The growth of digital technology has transformed the way in which charity events are planned, marketed and delivered. Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to raise awareness of different causes and promote upcoming […]

5 Things to Consider for Your Next Charity Event

Planning a charity event? Five top tips from Ultimate Experience Whether you’re planning a big fundraising party in the city or a small charity dinner in the country, here are five things to consider for your next charity event. FIVE STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL CHARITY EVENT Start marketing To make the best impact, it’s essential […]

Five Steps to Throwing an Impressive Charity Event in London

Planning a charity event? Here are some ideas to make sure your charity event impresses, from Ultimate Experience Whether you’re planning a fundraising event at a riverside venue or a reception in the City, we’re sharing five essential steps to throwing an impressive charity event in London.   Charity event ideas 1. Pick the right […]

Four Charity Event Ideas

Raising money for a cause is often quite difficult, but can turn into a tremendous success if executed properly. We’ve found that charity event ideas are best if it’s a mix of innovative and different as well as the traditional silent auction. Contributors like to feel that they’re getting their money’s worth when donating to […]

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Event

There are two ways to find the perfect venue for your event. You can either let your venue determine the type of event you want, or choose your venue according to the event you already have planned. For instance; does your event need a stage for presentations or guest speakers? Have you promised an outdoor […]