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Five Event Management Tips for Hosting a Charity Dinner in 2019

Here at Ultimate Experience, we know that every type of event is different, unique, and comes with its own challenges. As such, making a success out of each and every one requires us to think carefully about the event’s specific goals, the types of audiences and attendees we’re trying to please, and the individual boxes that need to be ticked. This is especially true when it comes to managing charity dinners and coming up with charity dinner ideas; few other event types are quite as goal-driven and arranged with a purpose as specific as these ones are!

However, that’s all part of what makes charity galas and dinners so very special. They’re always wonderful events to both manage and attend.they’re a chance to dress up in your finest, enjoy some quality entertainment, and splash your cash on a good cause. In order to make your next charity gala go off with a bang and really hit those big numbers, you’ll need to come up with some fundraising dinner ideas that really tap into your money-making potential, and which have the power to make a huge difference to a good cause. Luckily, Ultimate Experience is on hand to ply you with fantastic ideas and approaches to this highly specific event type.we’ve got the tips, tricks, and pieces of advice that can make your event work wonders on its attendees!

At Ultimate Experience, we’ve spent years honing the craft of event management, and it’s fair to say we’ve been to no shortage of charity balls and galas ourselves. As such, we’ve picked up plenty of charity fundraising ideas that really do hit the high notes, and this week’s blog is showcasing five of the most essential approaches to making your fundraising night a major success. Read on and find out more!

Define a Cause and Set a Goal

Your operational plan and promotional strategies are key to the success of all your charity fundraising ideas, and to the success of the big night in itself. However, neither of these things are going to come together at all if you don’t – right from the very beginning – define your cause. Your cause is what is going to form the basis of your mission statement, and pretty much every decision you make from that point onwards is going to refer back to this initial choice, from the themes to the venue, and from the tone of your marketing material to the speakers you’ll book. As such, it’s something that requires a lot of thought, a lot of planning, and it isn’t something to leap headfirst into.

The same can be said of your fundraising goals. Having a vague idea of a target you’d like to reach from the very beginning is going to sharpen your focus, and allow you to concentrate on the various avenues that can be followed when it comes to boosting donations. For example, a percentage of that target is going to made before the event even takes place (as a result of ticket sales), and more will be made from events, games, or activities during the evening. However, there are always ways to eke out a little more charitability from your attendees, and having a target amount in mind from the start will help you come up with inventive ways of hitting that dream number.

Pick The Right Venue

Charity fundraising events, by their very nature, need to have relatively low overheads in order to ensure that the funds raised aren’t eclipsed by the cost of the venue and various other setting up expenses. Picking the right venue is obviously a fairly considerable aspect of this, as on the one hand, you want a venue that suits the glamorous or dynamic feel of your event… and on the other, you want one which isn’t going to swallow all your money before you’ve even raised a penny.

One of the big advantages of charity galas is that venues will often be happy to let their space at a reduced price, in order to reflect the fundraising goal of the event. It’s certainly worth asking ahead of time and explaining clearly what your good cause is while negotiating a price with the venue manager. It might also be a good idea to be very flexible with your date in this regard, too, as many venues will be able to give you a discount on a ‘quiet’ night.

As for style the of venue? It’s really up to you, and the sort of vibe you want to create. You could go for something old-school and luxurious, or you could go for something quirky and eccentric – we can help with venues for all occasions, just browse our list of venues here to find one that suits the event theme!

Many successful charity events have been held in venues which aren’t usually utilised as venues at all, just to add to the unusual flair and memorable nature of the evening. Shop around, and see what you can get at a price that works for everybody.

Choose a Spectacular Theme, and Market, Market, Market!

People always love supporting a good cause, but it’s undeniably true that their motivation for doing so is going to be boosted if they know they’re in for a great time! Millennials, in particular, have a reputation for always having their eyes peeled for the next big experience in the events calendar, and if you’re able to tap into that market then all’s the better. The best way of doing this? Establishing a theme for your charity fundraising event, and using that theme to drum up a feeling of excitement and anticipation that will boost ticket sales, and get your event trending on social media. Bear in mind that ‘raising money for charity’ is not a theme in itself… but something like ‘go wild for charity’ is, wherein you could deck your venue out to look like a tropical rainforest (especially fitting if it’s an animal charity you’re fundraising for!), and flex your creative muscles a bit. Remember to consider both the cause and the target audience, and always think about what would appeal to your audience base while also having something in common with your charity. By approaching in this way, you’ll be able to get your marketing efforts on point, and drive the message home with a top-notch social media campaign that’ll have tickets flying out of the door!

Involve a Variety of Fundraising Games and Competitions

If you want to get your attendees really excited about your charity fundraising event, it’s never a bad idea to involve plenty different ways your audience can donate money to your good cause (and to let them know the kinds of things you’ll be organising on the night in your marketing material!). Alongside your ticket sales and traditional activities like an auction, you could try:

A charity casino

This is a fantastic fundraising idea which never fails to hit the spot. Hire a casino setup, and arrange that every game requires a decent pay-in amount. You could even make it so that the prizes, instead of being cash, are gifts that have been donated from your sponsors.

A banned word jar

Popular with charitable societies and clubs across London, a banned words jar (or other forms of forfeit-based fundraising idea) will quickly get the money flowing into the charity coffers, as attendees stay sharp and listen carefully to what each other is saying!

A quiz

Everyone loves a good quiz, and attendees will be more than happy to pay in order to take part. Again, get some great donated prizes from your sponsors, and let your attendees battle it out over who has the best general knowledge!

​Be Creative With Ways to Accept Donations

If you really want to boost your donations for your charity fundraising event, be open to plenty of different ways in which your attendees and the wider community can give to your good cause. You might want to consider live streaming your event, which is a fantastic way to reach out to the wider online community and encourage those following the fun online to donate via online banking or a specific donations app or text to donate service.

Charity Dinner Ideas That Really Make a Difference

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of exciting and dynamic ways to really make your charity fundraising ideas hit the right notes, and ensure a successful night all around. With an open-minded and creative approach, you can organise a fundraising night that not only allows your attendees to have a great time, get excited about your event, and spread the word among their networks, but also makes the money your cause needs.

At Ultimate Experience, we love nothing more than organising events that stand out from the crowd, and charity galas are just one of the event types we never hesitate to get involved with. Our creative team are always on the ball with the best new trends and ideas, and we’re always happy to put our expertise and skills to the best possible use. Want to find out more what makes us the top-notch company in the events industry? Get in touch, and see what we can do for you!