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How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Event

There are two ways to find the perfect venue for your event. You can either let your venue determine the type of event you want, or choose your venue according to the event you already have planned. For instance; does your event need a stage for presentations or guest speakers? Have you promised an outdoor activity, such as an obstacle course? Perhaps you require tables to display items for a silent auction or chairs and round tables to host a sit-down dinner?

To help you get the most from your event we recommend asking your event manager the following questions:

How much space is needed?

Consider how many people you’re expecting. There needs to be sufficient space for guests to move about freely so they don’t feel too cramped or lost in an abundance of open space. Additionally, if you’re planning to hold activities for the duration of the event, you’ll need to take that into consideration. City Central at the HAC in summer even gives you the option of hiring out its fun fair for extra entertainment.

perfect venue for your event

Will the food be a big draw for guests of this event?

Having a venue that has on-site catering is a major benefit to you. Not only is it second nature for the team to cater for large numbers, but you also reduce the risk of running into issues. Venues like One London Wall have dedicated in-house catering by Create Food & Party Design, so you can entice guests with a fantastic menu at your London event.

perfect venue for your event 

Is there space for branding?

Branding helps associate and promote your event. If there are sponsors involved, there will more than likely be a clause stating they require their own branding. Be sure that when you’re looking at potential venues, that there is ample room within eyesight for yours and your sponsors’ logos. Old Billingsgate in London can even project your branding onto one of its huge screens during your event and The Pavilion at Tower of London also has the opportunity to project logos onto the wall of the Tower of London.

perfect venue for your event 

Are there AV and sound facilities?

More than likely, you or someone else will need to make an announcement during your event. Whether it’s to welcome a guest speaker, thank guests or even encourage guests to dance, you will require the equipment to do so.

perfect venue for your event 

Is it accessible?

There’s a good chance that your guests will be utilising public transport to get to and from your event so, it’s good to ensure that it’s close to bus and train services, or has ample parking for guests travelling in cars. Glaziers Hall is a quick walk from both Waterloo and London Bridge station and is centrally located to several hotels, should guests be travelling from far.

perfect venue for your event

Another point to consider is whether your venue has WiFi capabilities or if you can connect your LTE router. Social media and digital presence is so important as it can help boost presence.

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