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5 Things to Consider for Your Next Charity Event

Planning a charity event? Five top tips from Ultimate Experience

Whether you’re planning a big fundraising party in the city or a small charity dinner in the country, here are five things to consider for your next charity event.


Start marketing

To make the best impact, it’s essential to market your charity event and get as many guests as possible. Send out invitations with clear information on the date, time, venue, theme and what charities you will be supporting. The more people you invite, the more funds you can raise! Promote your event to your followers on social media, post images of the charity venue to grab people’s enthusiasm, and make it clear what the purpose of the occasion is.

Plan your theming

A clearly defined theme creates value because it makes your event exclusive – something people can’t experience elsewhere. For example, if you were to choose a charity dinner with a French-Indian-fusion and molecular gastronomy theme, the chances are no other venue in the country (perhaps the world!) will be hosting that specific theme on the date of your event. That gives your guests something unique to look forward to.

It’s also worth finding out whether your guests would prefer a formal dinner instead of a live music act, or a comedian instead of a dance act (and so on). This way, you’ll know your budget will definitely pay off!

Know the capacity

Make sure your charity venue has the right capacity for your expected number of guests. For example, if you’re planning on inviting 1,500 guests to a large summer corporate charity event, consider choosing a multi-purpose venue in central London. However, if you’re thinking of a much smaller event with just 100 guests, you can get much better value for money by choosing a smaller venue or considering a shared space.

Remember – venues can accommodate more guests for standing receptions than seated events, and entertainment equipment can also reduce the capacity of your venue.

Start networking

Now is your chance to reward your supporters for their loyalty and expand your donor base. Tell everyone about your latest achievements, and discuss what you hope to do next. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about how your donations are already helping charities and making a positive impact on people locally, nationally or around the world.

Showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Charity events are great opportunities to show people that your business is fulfilling its CSR. Tell people how the funds you’ve been able to raise from your donors have helped you support your local community and protect the environment. Raise awareness of the importance of healthy, safe working conditions, share your insights, and gain new ideas from other guests.

To learn about about hosting your next charity event, get in touch with our friendly team at Ultimate Experience and book a visit to your desired venue.