How to Throw a Festival Vibe Summer Party

Everybody loves music festivals. Young and old, hip or square, the best festivals have an almost magical ability to bring people together.The great thing about organising your summer party with a festival vibe is that there will be something for everyone: music and craft beer for the grownups, face painting and games for the little […]

Six Creative Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Today’s corporate event attendees are a more discerning bunch than ever before, and for good reason: the events calendar has never been more full, with new gatherings, expos, conferences, and meet-ups popping up across the capital, and plenty of options to choose from. As such, we event organisers constantly need to be thinking outside the […]

Five Event Management Tips for Hosting a Charity Dinner in 2019

Here at Ultimate Experience, we know that every type of event is different, unique, and comes with its own challenges. As such, making a success out of each and every one requires us to think carefully about the event’s specific goals, the types of audiences and attendees we’re trying to please, and the individual boxes […]

Seven Event Ideas to Inspire Your Next Awards Ceremony in 2019

Here at Ultimate Experience, we love nothing more than heading down to the unique events which are put on year round across the city. It’s always a thrill to see what great new ideas are being implemented at launches, conferences, award ceremony events and more, and when it comes to our own events, we’re all […]

5 Steps to Promote a Product Launch Event on Social Media

Knowing how to promote an event isn’t the kind of knowledge which comes naturally. Nor is it something you can do once, and then be perfectly set up for any future launches. Why? Because the world of events and product launches is one which is always changing, and just as your target audience grows and […]

7 Unique Award Ceremony Event Ideas to Surprise Guests

Award ceremonies should be something special. They’re the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops and use your creative powers. What’s more, they should provide a truly unique event with which to honour, reward, and give thanks to your employees, partners, clients, or whoever else you feel deserves recognition. So why do so many […]

The Ultimate Conference Planning Guide

Make no mistake, setting up and organising a conference is a huge and lengthy task, and one which requires a serious amount of thought and planning. Whether your conference is a huge, expo-type experience, or a smaller, more intimate affair, there’s a wealth of different tasks and planning stages to bear in mind, which all […]

How 3D Projection Mapping Can Transform Your Event into an Unforgettable Show

Picture the scene: your attendees walk into your next big event, expecting to be faced with the run-of-the-mill lighting and decor they’ve become so used to. However, upon entering, they’re faced with a world of colour, texture, and forms, which leave them wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Such is the effect of projection mapping; one of the […]

7 Ways to Up Your Corporate Workshop Activity Game

​There’s no doubt about the fact that workshops are – now more than ever – a key part of the professional landscape, and workshop activities have proven time and time again to be a brilliant way to boost engagement, connectivity, creativity, and a sense of dynamism. With the right corporate workshop ideas, the right team […]

How to Sell More Tickets with a Well-Written Event Description

There are plenty of ways to ensure your ticket numbers for your event go through the roof and hit all the right targets. Here at Ultimate Experience, we’re old hands at helping our clients get the sales they need to guarantee success, and it’s fair to say that different methods suit different types of events. […]