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Six Creative Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Today’s corporate event attendees are a more discerning bunch than ever before, and for good reason: the events calendar has never been more full, with new gatherings, expos, conferences, and meet-ups popping up across the capital, and plenty of options to choose from. As such, we event organisers constantly need to be thinking outside the box and seeking out entertainment ideas for corporate events that really stand out from the crowd. If you’re able to promise something new, unusual, and dynamic when it comes to your corporate entertainment as part of your marketing drive, you can expect to garner a whole lot more interest (and more of those all-important ticket sales) than you would do otherwise.

Here at Ultimate Experience, we’re always excited to check out the latest entertainment ideas for corporate events and love nothing more than keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the London entertainment scene. After all, it’s our duty as a cutting-edge and top-notch events company to stay ahead of the curve, and offer our clients the kind of solutions that bring attendees to their doors!

In this week’s blog, we’re going to be taking a closer look at seven of our favourite corporate entertainment ideas, and laying them out for you to consider for your next big event. Remember: going the extra mile is never a bad idea, and no matter how great your speakers, agenda, and events brand is, adding some real creativity and entertainment magic to your next event is always going to make the right impression! With these entertainment ideas for corporate events, you’ll be able to make engagement go through the roof during the event itself, and ensure plenty of buzz on social media in the lead-up and aftermath, too. Check them out below!

A Mixology Class

Innovative and exclusive cocktails are big news right now, and it’s hard to think of an entertainment idea which will go down more successfully in the corporate world than a mixology class led by a master cocktail maker. It’s the perfect blend of grown-up fun, creativity, and instructional session… and the best part? Each delegate gets to sit down with their new favourite drink once it’s done.

It’s also easy to come up with signature cocktails which fit your event theme or brand colours, too, meaning you can expect social media to light up with your attendees’ boozy creations.

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Live Band Karaoke

Let’s face it, traditional karaoke isn’t exactly the hottest trend in 2019, and if you marketed your corporate event with the promise of an old-school karaoke booth, it’s unlikely you’re going to get the buzz of excitement you desire. However, karaoke with a live band – which makes you feel like a genuine rock star as you take the mic – is a whole different matter. There’s something about the energy and versatility of a tight live music outfit which brings a whole different dynamic to your evening’s entertainment, and this corporate event entertainment idea never fails to get the energy flowing!

A Corporate Roast

The Hollywood Roast is a grand old tradition, made most famous by the Rat Pack members Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra back in the golden days of American entertainment. The concept? To provide an open, light-hearted, and good-natured space in which to make fun of someone of authority… and when it comes to corporate events, it’s clear that most people would love nothing more than to see their boss or CEO at the receiving end of some witty barbs and put-downs!

It goes without saying that a roast has to be good-natured at heart, and not intended to cause real offence. As such, it’s important to ensure that everyone’s on board from the beginning and up for some ribbing, or else you could be in for a very awkward evening indeed!

Hologram Speakers

There’s been a lot of talk about hologram performances in recent years, and it’s set to become a bigger corporate event trend than ever in 2019. Both the late, great Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley have been on virtual holographic tours over the past few months, and it’s absolutely thrilling to see this illusory technology come into its own and find its place in the world of entertainment.

Your guests and attendees will be absolutely wowed by the presence of hologram tech at your next corporate event, and as the equipment becomes more affordable to set up and utilise, the possibilities of what can be achieved with it are almost endless!

Hologram of Elvis Presley in the film Blade Runner

Escape Rooms

One of the biggest entertainment trends of the past five years has been the rise and rise of escape rooms, which have popped up in cities all over the world as a fun, dynamic, and challenging way to spend an afternoon solving puzzles with your friends. Based upon the nostalgic ‘point and click’ video games of the early nineties, they involve being locked in a room and needing to look for clues and work out conundrums in order to battle for your freedom.

Recently, we’ve started seeing escape rooms being set up at corporate events, and we’ve got to say, it’s an ingenious way to bring a sense of fun and (literal) escapism into proceedings. One of the great things about escape rooms as a corporate entertainment idea is that they’re based on highly transferable work skills, such as team work, lateral thinking, and leadership. As a result, you could even promote the presence of your escape room as an in-house team building activity for delegates to engage with. What’s not to love?

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A Night at the Circus

Nothing grabs the attention and encourages a sense of escapist wonder like watching skilled performers doing extraordinary things! When it comes to top corporate event entertainment ideas, booking a circus troupe to show off their talents at the end of the evening is sure to wow your crowd, and the London entertainment scene right now is bursting with incredible groups of artistes, who regularly dazzle crowds at events across the capital.

There’s something at once childlike and sophisticated about a quality circus show, and it’s a concept which fits with a wide array of on-trend event themes (such as Roaring ‘20s, Wonderland, Steampunk, or Vintage themes). Your attendees are sure to love watching such a show, and there’s little doubt about the fact that it can help boost your event’s viral potential.

Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events That Truly Hit the High Notes

Your attendees, delegates, and ticket holders are the lifeblood of your corporate events in London. As such, they deserve to not only benefit from the amazing talks, workshops, seminars and presentations you have to offer but also to have a rip-roaringly great time as a result of your entertainment options. All of the above entertainment ideas are fantastic ways to add a touch of the exciting and unusual to your next corporate event, and there’s no doubt your attendees will be highly appreciative of your efforts to think outside the box.

At Ultimate Experience, seeking out the best entertainment options, themes, and additional flourishes for your events is what we do best, and with years of expertise in the industry, we’ve got what it takes to ensure your event goes off with a bang. If you’re looking to host events that boost your brand and get audiences excited, then get in touch with us today and let us show you what we’re all about!