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How to Use LinkedIn for Events

LinkedIn is the world’s leading professional networking website, building up a membership of millions of professionals since its founding in 2002. That makes it an ideal place to promote special events, from corporate dinners and talks, to charity fundraising events and exhibitions.

With Ultimate Experience, London’s leading events management company, you’ll benefit from an exceptional venue so you can make the best impression on your guests. So here are some top tips on how you can use LinkedIn to promote your next event.


Discuss it via status updates

It’s a good idea to post about your event at least a few times to ensure you reach out to as many of your connections as possible. Many LinkedIn users don’t log in everyday, so a good way to market your event is to make a post every day or every couple of days for maximum impact. The first post could be a general invitation to the event, which should include a brief description, date, time, venue, and a unique selling point that should entice people to go.


Inspire people

It’s up to you to decide what this unique selling point is. Will there be free gourmet cuisine and cocktails? Will a celebrity or major industry figure be doing a special talk? Tell people about the sponsors and volunteers, and give plenty of information about the venue and how to get there. If the event has been held before, don’t forget to share photos of the most recent one so your prospective guests can get an idea of what to expect. Find as many ways as possible to convince people that their time will be better spent at your event than anywhere else on that particular date and time.


Market your event in groups

Groups give you the chance to talk about the theme of your event in more detail. Start a conversation, spark a debate, and find an organic way to subtly market your event. For example, if you are organising an event with an eco-friendly theme, join groups that discuss environmental topics.

You can also create your own group and share updates and ideas on topics related to the event. This is a particularly good idea if you’re marketing a series of events or one that’s scheduled to recur weekly, monthly or seasonally, for instance.


Link to your event from your LinkedIn profile 

Make sure you have a link where your prospective guests can find out more about the event and register. You can also send a direct message to up to 50 connections at a time, so this might be a useful port of call if you’re organising a small event.


Final tip – promote your event on Facebook and Twitter too

Make a Facebook event page, get Tweeting on Twitter, and continue to spread the word. The more websites you use to market your event, the greater the potential audience. Link to your LinkedIn event page from your Tweets and Facebook posts. Make it as quick and easy as possible for people to register so they don’t miss out.


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