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Six Unique Summer Party Ideas

A good host always looks for novel summer party ideas to kick start the season. As any event planner will tell you, unless you are well organised, plan ahead, and a quick thinking problem solver – things can go wrong.

To help you plan your event, we’ve put together a helpful party planning list. By following the ideas below, you’ll have a party that keeps the attendees satisfied and talking about what an incredible time they had for days to come.

1. Let the Food Double as Decoration

summer party food

You don’t have to spend a lot on decoration, especially when the food you’re serving is beautifully presented. Not only is it delicious it’s also an extra edible decoration. Food art is one of our favorite forms of décor. Luckily, you don’t have to be a master food carver to take advantage of making art out of food.

Of course, the only required item here is the food you plan on serving. We suggest serving watermelon – it’s a perfect summertime fruit but also because the skin of the watermelon can be used as a fruit punch bowl. Our partner catering company, Create Food is expert at this, have a look at these examples.

2. Ice Cream Desert Bar

A dessert bar is one of the best summer party ideas for events with children in attendance. This will help fulfill your guests’ sweet tooth, and very little planning is required on your end. This will be very popular with your guests, both children and adults.


You should have at least three different ice cream flavors. You can go with the classics, although we prefer more exotic flavors like snickerdoodle, salted caramel, or green tea. Of course, you’ll also need the sides like whipped cream, crushed nuts, sprinkles, and an assortment of sliced fruit. All you need to do is provide the ingredients and allow your guests to build their own concoction of whatever their idea is of a perfect ice cream sundae.​

3. Fruit Ice Cubes

fuit ice cubes

Wow your guests by incorporating fruit into ice cubes.

Fruit ice cubes are deceptively easy to prepare. All you need is fruit (and sometimes vegetables – don’t forget cucumbers for gin cocktails, or perhaps celery for Bloody Marys) sliced into small pieces, water, and a lot of ice cube trays.


Simply place the fruit slices in the tray, fill it with water, and stick it in the freezer. In about two hours’ time, you’ll have cubes with fruit frozen inside. Guests will love it, and they’ll devour the fruits as soon as the ice melts.

4. Paper Chain Backdrop

No summer party ideas are complete without an arts and craft decoration piece. A paper chain is easy to make and can be used in a number of ways, and it’s not just for Christmas! If you have children, then let them make it as a summer art project.

Make sure you have bright summery coloured paper for these paperchains.Once you have the chains made, use them as backdrop by placing them on the wall. They can also be used as the backdrop for a makeshift photo booth or even as an improvised form of bead curtains.

summer party entertainment

5. Don’t Forget the Entertainment

There are a number of ways to entertain guests. If you’re aiming for a quieter, mellow mood, then consider a film night, and project this on to a wall so all your guests can watch in comfort. If you’re aiming for a more hands-on type of entertainment, then consider karaoke or dancing.

Collect whatever items you need, such as a karaoke machine, projector screen, speakers, or laptop for playing music or a film.


The setup is pretty straightforward. The outdoors is your movie theater, dance hall, or karaoke room. If you’re looking for great summer party ideas, then you have to have some form of entertainment that have guests interacting.

6. Get Creative with Candles

If the party is going to extend to the evening, we recommend using candles as a natural light source.Strategically place the candles throughout your event space. You can even set them on the floor where it’s not too busy. If you place them on the table, we suggested placing a small flower and/or decorative stone under an upturned glass and then placing the candle on top.​

Kick Start the Summer with a Festivity

If you found these ideas useful, you might also be interested in our article Seven Tips for Organising a Cocktail Party. Please let us know what you think or if you have any great party suggestions in our comments suggestion below.

Don’t forget if you have a party coming up and need help with planning, contact Ultimate Experience and leave the organising up to our experienced team.