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Seven Unique Fundraising Ideas To Raise More Money

When it comes to fundraising for your charity, we know that there are just so many different options to choose from and being original can be difficult.

Here at Ultimate Experience, we have a lot of experience in organising charity events. From gala dinners to summer fun fairs, we have worked on a huge selection of charity events.

So if you are stuck for an original idea for your fundraising event, then we are here to help. Take a look at our list of seven unique fundraising ideas that are sure to raise lots of money for your favourite charities.

1. Sports Day

Sports DaySports Day

Organising a sports day can be a fun and nostalgic way to fundraise and allows you take everyone back to their childhood. Get people involved with an egg and spoon race or the all time classic, a three legged race.

Create a small entry for your participants and have a BBQ during the event to boost your fundraising. The winners of the races can claim their trophies and celebrate with their families as they tuck into some delicious food.

We love this idea because it’s perfect for families and is great for a summer event for charities of all sizes.

You can take inspiration from Wipe Out Cancer’s annual sports day, as they are well on their way to raising their goal amount of $50,000 in five years.​

2. Charity Fun Runs

Charity Fun RunsCharity Fun Runs

It’s one of the simplest but classic ideas for fundraising events, a fun run. It’s a great way to make money, charging an entry fee and encouraging people to get sponsors is a great way to raise funds.

If you wanted to do something to make it extra special you could give it a theme or even capitalise on the recent popularity of colour runs and work that into your event somehow.

The colour run in London supports Childline and attracts hundreds of runners every year. When it comes to ideas for fundraising events, a fun run not only raises money but also helps to increase exposure.​

3. Eating Contest

eating contest charity ideaeating contest charity idea

We love this slightly more unusual fundraising idea as it really plays into the fact that people just love a challenge. An eating contest may seem like one of the more crazy fundraising ideas, but it can be a fun event that people really get involved in.

There are a couple of options for running the event, have your competitors eat a giant burger in a certain time or get them to get sponsorships for every hot dog they eat. Make it a public event and pass round a donations bucket for even better fundraising.

In the US, eating contests for charity are fairly popular and you could take inspiration from baseball star Kevin Kiermaier, who raised over $4000 for charity by taking part in a steak eating challenge.​

4. Children’s Scavenger Hunt

This is one of our favourite unique fundraising ideas and works really well if your charity is looking to throw a family friendly event. You can make it as big or as small as you like, from hosting it in someone’s back garden, to hosting it in a local park or the grounds of one of our exclusive venues, like The Artillery Garden at The HAC.

This idea works really well for Easter events, as you can hide chocolate eggs or other treats. If it’s a larger event, consider hosting a BBQ and making it into a real family day out.

Children and adults alike are bound to love this type of event, so it’s worth considering when you are thinking of ideas to raise money for charity. Family events are some of our favourite types of fundraising events because they can be so much fun for all ages.​

5. Santa Run

Santa RunSanta Run

This is one of the craziest fundraising ideas and it’s certainly one of our favourites. A Santa run provides a fun event that is ideal for charity events that fall a little closer to the festive season. Ideal as a more adult event, you could have the run between two pubs or local landmarks with supporters lining the route.

It would be our recommendation to keep the route as short as possible, so that more people are encouraged to enter, after all wouldn’t it be great to see as many Santas as possible running down your local high street? It’s a popular event where they encourage people of all ages to run, skip, walk or jog the 5k.

We love this event idea because it’s one of the more unique fundraising ideas out there. It’s a fun event that will certainly get people talking about your charity for a while!​

6. Pub Quiz

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned pub quiz? We certainly do, as it also makes for a great fundraising event that is great fun from start to finish. Charge a small amount for every person taking part and wait with anticipation to see who will be crowned king or queen of the quiz.

Centrepoint recently hosted a star studded pub quiz to raise money for homeless people in the UK. Stars of stage and screen attended to raise lots of money and we hear Hugh Grant even made an appearance.

Pub quizzes can work for charity events big and small, so get your quizzing caps on!​

7. Fundraising Gala

 fundraising gala fundraising gala

When it comes to fundraising ideas, we simply couldn’t finish the list without a mention of one of our favourite types of events, the classic fundraising gala.

One of our favourite events to organise, gala fundraisers can be grand and memorable events.

We have always really enjoyed organising fundraising galas and gala dinners, so if this is an event you are interested in hosting then look no further than Ultimate Experience to help you plan and execute your perfect event.​

We hope this list of fun and unique entertaining ideas has inspired you to go ahead with some fundraising of your own.

If you need help organising your event or simple want to work with a company that has lots of experience please get in touch with us today.