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Six Unique Charity Event Ideas

When it comes to events, we have to admit that charity events are amongst our favourites. From gala dinners to casino nights there are so many different fun and unique events that you can throw to raise money for your charity.

So if you are looking for some great event ideas that will make a lasting impression on your guests, then be sure to take a look at our great list of fun and unique charity event ideas, and get planning!

If you are looking for help with the planning or execution of your event, Ultimate Experience is here to help. With lots of experience in a wide range of charity events, we can help you to realise your dream charity event.

Fundraising Gala Dinner

fundraising gala dinner

A fundraising gala dinner is one of the classic ways to raise money for your charity and can really create some buzz. Get everyone talking about your charity with a night to remember.

Ideal for entertaining large groups, the gala dinner gives your most valuable contributors an excuse to get all dressed up and celebrate the charity that they love.

Entertainment is an important part of any evening, so we would recommend booking an event speaker or performer for some after dinner entertainment. It’s not only one of the best charity event ideas to raise money for your cause, the fundraising gala dinner is a great opportunity to raise awareness and celebrate your donors and patrons.

When it comes to large scale charity events, we have had a lot of experience in both planning and organising. One of the recent events we worked on was the ‘Entirely Up to You Gala’, 800 guests came to support the launch of the new Lord Attenborough charitable fund which aims to help young people achieve their film making dreams.


charity raffles

Raffles may have had their beginnings at village summer fêtes, but they can be scaled up to really impressive fundraising events. 

We love a charity event that includes a raffle as it allows your guests to win some truly impressive prizes or experiences.

Prizes at the raffle can range from something small like a gift card for a popular shop to a holiday or a sports car. Talk to local business or companies that you work with to donate prizes and don’t forget that big prizes are what sell the raffle tickets. People want a chance to win the best possible prize.


charity auctions

Auctions can be a great way to have fun with your donors as well as raising some all important money for your charity. We would recommend approaching businesses and asking them to donate prizes as well as asking your donors if they have anything they would like to auction off.

From bachelor to art auctions, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can auction for money. Auctions are bound to be an entertaining event and one of the most fun charity event ideas around.

If you want to have an auction, but want to avoid the bidding paddles, then consider a silent auction. A silent auction allows everyone to see what they might be bidding and on consider what they want to spend their money on. Still allowing people to get a little bit competitive, we think that silent auctions are a great choice for those looking for unique charity event ideas.

Dinner Dances

Charity Dinners Ultimate Experience London

We think that dinner dances are a great choice for those that want to enjoy great food whilst celebrating worthy charities. Dinner dances are a great option, especially if you are looking to entertain VIP guests and patrons of your charity.

Dinner dances are a great option, especially if you are looking to entertain VIP guests and patrons of your charity. Dinner dances are a popular choice and with good reason, they allow everyone to get dressed up, enjoy a dinner and then enjoy great music, either from a band or a DJ.

Host your dinner dance at an exclusive location to make the evening feel larger than life. Serve up delicious food and drinks and then get everyone out on the dance floor to dance the night away to fantastic music that is perfect for your event.

Casino Night

charity casino night

A fantastic choice of event for charities that want to add a glamorous event to their fundraising calendar, the casino night mixes fun with raising money and allows everyone to have a great time.

Choose a few different activities at various levels of skill. Poker is of course a popular choice, as is roulette, which will be great fun for most of your attendees. If possible it might be a good idea to include smaller and easier games like a slot machine or blackjack, for those less confident with the poker table or the roulette wheel.

It would be our recommendation at a casino night to offer canapés and drinks throughout the evening rather than having a sit down dinner, as it allows for people to move around the event without being tied down to a table or formal seating arrangement.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that this is an event that is more suitable for adults, and wouldn’t be a good choice if you’re planning a family charity event.

A Themed Fundraising Event

themed fundraising event

If you know what event you want to organise but are struggling to make it unique, we think that a themed event would be ideal for you. Channel your favourite movie or book and create a themed event based on it.

Make the dress code fit with the book, or theme the activities around your character or book. And with so many famous and adaptable characters available, it shouldn’t be hard to pick the perfect one for your event.

Having a themed fundraising event can also be a great idea for charities that are looking for ideas for charity events that are more family focused. Pick a popular children’s character or series and add a fancy dress competition to your event. Just be sure to check licensing costs if you choose any highly popular characters.

There are so many great charity event ideas out there, so get inspired by our list and get planning! If you are looking for assistance for your event planning, there is no one better to help than Ultimate Experience.

With a long history of planning all kinds of charity events, we can help you discover your ideal event. Get in touch to find out more.​