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Top Corporate Christmas Party Ideas for 2016 – Now Updated for 2018!

A Christmas party is a great way to end the year on a high note. It also boosts company morale and gives everyone an opportunity to let their hair down. Corporate Christmas party ideas could include a theme.

While a Christmas party is in itself the theme, you can add to that rather than just having a generic Christmas party. At Ultimate Experience always aims for a specific theme, by adding elements beyond the typical Christmas tree and Father Christmas.

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Here are some ideas and venues we recommend and have used in many of our past event planning. Believe us when we say these suggestions give your celebration that extra memorable factor.​

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1. Arctic Circle

Location Recommendation: OXO2, OXO Tower

​When you think of anything arctic, you think of snow, ice, and a lot of white. Imagine this type of setting when your guests enter the venue.

Expect crisp, white theming with sparkling touches inspired by the magic and colour of the Northern Lights. An ice bar creates a focal point in the space, highlighted with impressive lighting which mimics the Northern Lights.

The food can also follow this theme. Even though it’s the cold season, you could serve cold treats like snow cones and slushies. Some other sweet edibles we have served up include frozen lemonade, frozen fruit sprinkled with coconut flakes, and shaved ice.

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2. Wonder Nights

Location Recommendation: City Central

Wonder Nights provides a carnival-like theme with plenty of live performances. This Christmas, Ultimate Experience has incorporated Mardi Gras themeing.

With jazz music playing in the background, and the spacious dance floor at the Artillery Garden, guests can get their groove going on while a DJ or live band churn out music that’s prominent of old Louisiana.

On a final note, one of the reasons we recommend the Artillery Garden for this theme is because the facility also has dodgems. Our clients and their guests have often cited this as being their favourite part of the event.

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3. Gatsby

Location Recommendation: Glaziers Hall

The roaring 1920s always signifies F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic, The Great Gatsby. This can double as a costume party where attendees arrive in formal attire of the era. The same goes for the staff. Outfits include flapper dresses for the ladies and plaid suits and vests for men.

For a Gatsby-esque appearance, adorn the venue with lots of metallic gold fabric and draperies swathed across the ceiling. Other decorative elements include:

  • Strings of pearls and crystal hung from the ceiling and railings
  • Large feather piece accents as centrepieces
  • Bars designed to look like speakeasies

With these decorations, guests will feel like they’re transported back in time.

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4. Electric Winter Party

Location Recommendation: Studio Spaces

The Electronic Daisy Carnival is a huge, annual party held in Las Vegas and is the world’s biggest electronic dance festival. Why not bring some of that element to your Christmas party? Studio Spaces is the perfect venue for guests with a young, hip, alternative vibe.

​With its night club-like atmosphere and state-of-the-art lighting technology, make sure you incorporate plenty of glow sticks! Since music and dancing will comprise of the bulk of the festivity, there is need for little else in the way of entertainment.

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5. Winter Wonderland

Location Recommendation: The Vaults at Old Billingsgate

A winter wonderland is one of our favourite corporate Christmas party ideas for work simply for the fact that it’s a favourite theme that never gets old. It’s similar to the Arctic Circle theme in the sense that there is a lot of white incorporated into the backdrop. Including a lot of fake snow on the floor (and falling overhead if possible) is a nice finishing touch.

We often combine this theme with an Après-Ski theme. We want to make guests feel like they’re actually in a ski resort complete with snow and log cabins. The Vault at Old Billingsgate also has a bar that serves drinks that are inspired by actual cocktails from the slopes.

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6. Earth and Space

Location Recommendation: Earth Halls

When it comes to corporate Christmas party ideas, a space theme is probably not exactly something that comes to mind. This is precisely why it makes for a memorable theme, and Earth Halls is just the place to create just the right backdrop.

Since the Earth Halls is located in the Natural History Museum, there is plenty for guests to browse at. If the party is family friendly, then this venue also serves as a fun and educational moment. Given that the venue is mostly already adorned with actual artefacts, there is little need for additional décor.

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7. High Society

Location Recommendation: One London Wall

One London Wall has an appearance very similar to old-style train stations of the 1940s. Use this to your advantage by creating a high-class themed party where guests become a part of noble society.

Play music from that period and have guests dancing to swing music.

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8. Midnight Bloom

Location Recommendation: The Pavilion at the Tower of London

With its night club-like atmosphere and state-of-the-art lighting technology, make sure you incorporate plenty of glow sticks! Since music and dancing will comprise of the bulk of the festivity, there is need for little else in the way of entertainment.

Even with its historical charm, the interior is complete with modern amenities and equipment. With this in mind, you get the best of both past and present.

Throw a Holiday Celebration to Remember

Sure, you can save money and hold the party at the office, but how does that boost morale or make a night to remember? A corporate Christmas party should be planned at a location that’s going to draw attention and elicit a social media discussion.

Ultimate Experience provide a truly one-of-a-kind party experience. We also offer shared Christmas parties in order to help you save on the cost and create a celebration with an even higher turnout.​

We hope you found these Christmas party ideas for work useful. If so, then share it so others can benefit.