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Why You Need a Christmas Party

Whether you’re a thriving enterprise or a small startup company, there’s no denying that the backbone of your business is your employees. They are the ones that meet the deadline and work tirelessly to ensure that your objectives are met. So how do you show your appreciation for them?

If you’ve been in the corporate industry for a while, you know that the festive season brings about an influx of office parties. Sure, you might have had your fair share of team-building games, murder mystery parties, pub crawls or lavish dinners but do you know what these events can do for your business?

It’s more than just a booze fest or partying on the company credit card! There are several benefits to the traditional end-of-year party that you might not realise.


Boost office morale

It’s been a long year. Your employees have worked hard together which means that there has probably been some disagreements along the way. This can lead to toxic attitudes, which can ultimately infect your workforce.

Depending on the nature of these grievances, by creating a space where employees are encouraged to let their hair down and interact with each other on a personal and social level, you can help mend some of these broken bridges. Having fun together means associating those individuals with positivity and of course, positivity means a better working environment.


4th December 2014 SPARKS Charity Winter Ball @ Old Billingsgate, London, EC3 PH © Tom Horton

Show appreciation

Giving end of year bonuses is sometimes, financially, just not an option. Sure, it would be terrific to spoil your employees like this, but then how do you keep it equal amongst them to show your appreciation? An end of year function is an excellent and neutral way of splurging on your employees to show that you value them and the work that they do. It’s important to remember that when efforts go unnoticed it can be detrimental to an employee’s confidence, which can ultimately affect their work ethic.


Mark a milestone

Any annual event tends to bring about reflection. For instance, have you caught yourself thinking about the last four years while watching the Olympics? End of year functions are excellent opportunities to see how far you’ve come and what hurdles you have conquered. These ideas and reflections can be incorporated into the event’s agenda, so that everyone can be credited with your year’s successes. Not only does this promote team mentality but it’s also a terrific motivating factor.


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