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Three Event Industry Startups You Need to Know About

People who are not involved in event management will never understand the amount of work, planning and stress that goes into organising an event of any nature. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a cocktail party or even a massive festival, getting to all the details to ensure its success is a job for unsung heroes.

So, when startups arise that aim to not only streamline the planning process but also assist in the promotion of the event, improve ticket sales, boost client satisfaction all the while eradicating certain traditional and time-consuming methods – it’s important to pay attention to what they have to say.




This guest management software enables you to keep all of your data in one place. Say goodbye to clipboards, pieces of paper and after-event surveys, with snafflz it’s all integrated into one easy-to-use format.

Guests receive their invites via email or online registration. This information is then consolidated into the software at the click of a button. RSVP’s are automatically added and you can monitor the popularity of your event too though ticket sales or signups. Then, by downloading the app, you can even customise your guest list check-in’s with optimised guests, VIP’s and also receive notifications when certain people arrive.

Other functions include: name tag printing, data exporting, branded statistics and reporting, plus an online support forum.




Say goodbye to business cards and weeks of data capturing aftermath. This award-winning product allows delegates of any event to record who and what they interacted with at an event and share their own information easily. Each person receives a ‘badge’ which is worn throughout the event and used in conjunction with an app of the same name.

It automatically checks you in and out of the event and records, which areas of the event you visited, who you spoke to and how long you were there for.

With real-time tracking using heat maps, these analytics not only help attendees know exactly who they interacted with but it also helps event managers know what aspects were of successful and which were not.




One of the hair-raising issues that all event managers need to deal with is volunteers. Finding them might not be too hard, but having them perform what you need to do, while ensuring that everything else is running smoothly, can prove to be difficult.

With in-app messaging, staff profiles, colour coded event maps, recruitment features and reporting functions, you can control your entire event from the palm of your hand. You can even promote the event on social media or have push notifications so that your staff don’t forget where they need to be.

As for reporting, you’re able to track the amount of hours the staff work thanks to the check-in feature, as well as generating branded reports for statistics in order to see if it was a success.


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