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How to plan your Christmas party budget

When planning a Christmas party in London, it is all too easy to underestimate your budget and end up with unexpected costs. That’s why it always pays to choose an experienced events management company with the knowledge and experience to help you stay within your budget.

Ultimate Experience, London’s leading Christmas party organiser, can take on all planning and hard work on your behalf to ensure your event is a success.

Book your venue early

The earlier you book your Christmas party venue, the more choice you will have when it comes to the venue, catering and entertainment. The sooner you know your total budget, the easier it will be to prepare something that is realistic and achievable. This not only means ensuring you don’t overspend, but making sure you make the most of every penny so you don’t underspend.

Booking a shared Christmas party can also be a great way to reduce your costs while still benefiting from outstanding food, hospitality and entertainment in one of the most prestigious Christmas party venues in London.

Plan your food and drink carefully

When it comes to catering, quality trumps quantity. Take note of the latest Christmas food trends so you can make your buffet or reception meal the highlight of the event. If your company held a Christmas party last year, find out how much was spent and how many people attended. Try to get information on the cost of the food and drink so you can predict the cost this time round, taking into account factors like inflation and the number of guests.

The earlier you plan your catering, the more choice you will have in terms of ingredients. Decide whether you want a formal dinner with the classic roast turkey or a more informal, contemporary buffet theme. Make sure you include vegetarian/vegan recipes and non-alcoholic beverages in your budget so none of your guests miss out on the festive fun.

Try prosecco to keep your costs down!

While champagne may seem like the obvious choice for any Christmas party in London, prosecco is much more affordable and just as good. In fact, in 2015, prosecco overtook champagne to become the UK’s favourite sparkling wine, so by choosing this wine you can still serve something that your guests will love.

Choose the right theme for your guests

Decide a theme for your food, drinks, dĂ©cor and entertainment. Make sure it reflects your brand and will be warmly received. To stay on budget, you may have to sacrifice one thing for another, so think of what your guests would value more. Would they be happier with a world-renowned DJ or a Michelin-star-standard cuisine? Would they prefer a famous singer or a free bar? If you’re planning a big live show, make sure the venue is large enough to accommodate all the entertainment equipment and the total number of guests you’ll be inviting.

The earlier you decide your theme, the easier it will be to manage your costs. And with Ultimate Experience, you can create something magical and give your guests the best Christmas party ever.