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Important Networking Tips

Are you planning a new networking event for 2018 and looking for some ideas? Then here are some of our top tips to ensure you have a successful networking event.

Five tips for networking success in 2018:


1 – Have your business cards ready

Make sure you have plenty of business cards that you can hand out at your London networking venue. Although much of our business networking today is conduct online, with millions of people using professional networking sites like LinkedIn, business cards are still useful. They’re a more personal way to make a new contact, and a powerful form of direct marketing where you can make a good impression just by the card’s design. Using a quality, personalised business card will help you make the best impact to attract new leads and prospects, and it will also show you are ready and willing to make new connections.


2 – Research the guests

Have a look at who’s coming to the networking event by doing a little background research so you can learn about what your guests do and why they’re here. For example, you might learn that one of the guests supports the same charity, studied at the same university as you, or was born in the same town or region. This can be an excellent way to strike a conversation and build a rapport with a new lead/prospect.

Important Networking Tips


3 – Ask the right questions

Keep your questions simple and informal, as you don’t want to come across as overly ‘salesy’ or aggressive. One great ice-breaker is to talk about the catering, whether you’re mingling with guests at a standing reception or a formal dinner. With Ultimate Experience, you can look forward to terrific cuisine from our long-established catering partner, Create, which has worked in many of London’s most exclusive events venues.


4 – Tell people why you love what you do

Show people your enthusiasm for your industry so you can prove that you’re passionate about what you do and want to drive your business forward. A simple smile as you enter your London networking venue will make you more approachable to others, especially if you’re feeling a little nervous (which is perfectly normal).

Important Networking Tips


5 – Listen

It might seem obvious, but it can be easy to fall into the trap of only talking about your own work without taking any notice of the other person. Therefore, make sure you show an interest in others by engaging in what they are saying and giving your opinion. This will prove that you’re listening.


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