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8 Event Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

You’ve done the hard work of planning an event, setting it up, and inviting guests. Now the big day is here, and its time to ensure your guests are entertained and happy!

Event entertainment is a very important part of the event-planning process.

Your entertainment is what will keep the guests interested in your event long enough for you to launch your new product or service, make your big announcement, or drive engagement to your platform. If you want to have the greatest chance of success, it’s vital you come up with event entertainment ideas that your guests will love.

Below, we’ve come up with a few entertainment ideas for corporate events, ideas you can use to make your event a roaring success. Just make sure the corporate event entertainment ideas match the tone, theme, and purpose of your event!

1. DJ

If you’re looking for corporate event entertainment ideas, it’s always good to consider hiring a DJ. With a DJ, you can get a good mix of music, regardless of the theme or tone of the event.

Let’s say you want to make it a more solemn affair, with the dignity of an awards ceremony or a product launch. A DJ will be able to provide the mood music for the event, as well as the ceremony and the launch announcement. Then, if you want to turn the event into a full-on party afterwards, you’ve got the DJ there to get your guests onto the dancefloor.

With a DJ, you get access to a wide range of music. It’s one of the most basic event entertainment ideas, but it’s definitely one of the best to consider for just about any event.

2. Magician​

Magic can definitely be “hit or miss” with your crowd. Kids may love magic, but adults tend to be more sceptical and have higher standards for magic acts. You can’t just hire any stage magician. Instead, it needs to be a magician that can entertain and astonish a room of adults.

Generally magicians make the most impact when they work the room and visit groups of guests, rather than stood on a stage in front of a captive audience. When a magician is engaged with a small group, they have the ability to involve guests with the magic tricks and can gauge their guest’s interest and intrigue and tailor their act to this small audience.

We all like to be amazed, so it’s always wonderful to see a magician do something that we can’t quite understand. If you really want to make the event come to life for your guests, a magician is a great option to consider.

3. Stand-Up Comedian

If your event doesn’t HAVE to be a specific theme, you may want to consider bringing in a stand-up comedian. Stand-up comedians tend to have their own set of jokes, but you can ask them to work in a bit of material about the event they’re attending.

Most comedians are accustomed to tailoring their material to the crowd, and your event is no exception.

Stand-up comedians are there to make people laugh, and laughter gets your audience in a good mood. If you’re hosting a product launch, announcing a new service, or planning a fundraiser, you definitely want to make sure your audience is laughing before you ask them to donate. A stand-up comedian can definitely be the best option!

4. Improv Comedy Troupe

If you’re considering comedy as one of your event entertainment ideas, improv comedy can be a good way to keep the entertainment consistent with your event theme. You can work with the comedy troupe to ensure their material is in line with your event, bringing a smile to your guests’ faces while keeping the event on-theme.

For those who love to laugh, improvisational comedy is an excellent option. Instead of a stand-up comedian, improv comedy troupes make everything up as they go. That means they can tailor their humour and jokes to your audience.

5. Live Music

If you’re planning an event for a younger audience (the 16-30 demographic as opposed to upper-level professionals or executives), a live band is definitely the way to go. The younger crowd will love the freshness of the band, and it will encourage them to participate in the event more.

Featuring the band before you roll out the new product will be a great way to keep them engaged in the event.

Of course, you can always go with a live jazz band or orchestra for your awards ceremony or formal dinner. The live music can be tailored to your event. What matters is that you have live music instead of music played from a CD!

6. VJ

A DJ plays music, but a VJ intermingles video and music to create a completely immersive experience for your guests. So not only is there audio, there’s also visual engagement.

If you want to finish your event with a party, a VJ is definitely the way to go! They’ll take the party to a whole new level, and your guests will be on their feet in time with the VJ entertainment.

7. LED Dance Shows

These shows are a unique approach to dance and musical entertainment. They take place in a dark room, and the dancers wear all black suits with LED lights attached to them. You’ll find that it is an entertainment idea very few of your guests have ever seen at a corporate party.

The beauty of this idea is that the dance troupe you hire can incorporate your company’s brand or logo into their event.

They can help to reinforce the “edginess” of a brand, and the addition of your logo to the show can imprint it firmly in your guests’ minds. It’s a form of event entertainment that will set you apart from other events in your city.

8. Caricaturist

For a more personal form of entertainment, hire a caricaturist. Your guests will have a chance to sit down with an artist and get their picture drawn. Not only is it a lot of fun but it can also be a memento of the event.

Add your company logo to the bottom corner of the paper used for the caricature, and you’ve immediately connected your brand to the event.

It’s a great way to get guests smiling and laughing. For events with a more intimate theme this can be a great way to dial up the fun factor.

These event entertainment ideas can add spice and variety to your event, bringing it to life for your guest!

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What did you think of these entertainment ideas? Did you find one that you think would work better than others for your event? Drop a comment below and share your experiences with event planning and entertainment ideas.

We’d love to hear from you and find out what made your event work best, and what forms of entertainment you enjoyed most at the last event you attended/hosted…