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Common event mistakes and how to overcome them

Planning a special occasion? Whether it’s a conference or a corporate dinner at a luxury London event venue, here are some common event mistakes and how you can overcome them:


Five common errors companies make in event planning


1. Underestimating guest numbers

If you receive more guests than you were expecting, you could run out of food, and there may not be enough tables to accommodate everyone (for a seated reception). A successful event manager will always ensure there are enough supplies to cater for demand.


2. Overestimating guest numbers

Another common problem is when people don’t show up and you end up with significantly fewer guests than you were expecting. You might end up spending more money on food and drink, although this is still better than not having enough food at your venue.

Plus, it’s normal for some guests not to arrive at an event. Either they’ll have other commitments on that date or they might have forgotten. That’s why it’s important to send invitations early so you can get a better idea of how many people will be attending.

common event mistakes


3.  Going over budget

It happens. Even if you planned your budget meticulously and thought you had prepared for every contingency, costs can quickly spiral out of control. For example, perhaps you provided a free bar, but your guests ended up drinking much more than you expected? The solution: offer a maximum of one or two complimentary drinks per guest or cover the first 100/1,000 drinks served (depending on the number of guests!).

If you’re planning a Christmas party, you could consider a shared space so you can save money and still enjoy a luxury event venue in London. It’s also worth substituting champagne for prosecco or cava to reduce your costs further.


4. Not monitoring and acting on changes

A great event manager will always adapt to change and make adjustments where necessary. For example, seating arrangements may need to be changed at short notice if fewer guests are expected, or you may need to adjust the menu if a caterer runs out of a key ingredient at your venue.

common event mistakes


5. Not planning early

If you leave your event-planning to the last minute, you’ll have far less choice when it comes to venues, catering and entertainment.

Here at Ultimate Experience, we like to plan early. In fact, many of our clients have already booked their Christmas parties for 2018 so they can secure the best event venue in London at the right date.


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