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Eight Things to Avoid When Choosing a Shared Christmas Party in London

What to avoid for your Christmas party with Ultimate Experience


Are you thinking of planning a shared Christmas party in London this year? Here is Ultimate Experience’s expert advice on what you need to avoid for Christmas 2017!


1. Leaving it until the last minute

To get the best venue for your Christmas party in London, catering and entertainment, it pays to book your shared Christmas party as early as you can. Demand for luxury spaces is particularly high in the weeks leading up to the big day, which is why many companies often book their festive celebrations a year in advance!

Shared Christmas Party in London

2. Getting too hung up on prime dates

Prime dates – like the final Friday before Christmas – can get booked up very quickly, so don’t worry too much if you can’t find anywhere available on these dates for your shared Christmas party. It might work out much cheaper to book your event a little early – perhaps even as early as late November – so you can get the venue you want. You’ll still be able to give your guests an amazing festive experience!

Shared Christmas Party in London

3. Going over budget

It can be easy to exceed your budget if you’re planning a Christmas party in London at the last minute, find out you’re going to have more guests than you expected, or learn that you’re going to need more food to make sure everyone is well fed! That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a trusted events management company to help you plan your shared Christmas party and stay within your budget.

Shared Christmas Party in London 

4. Thinking that a shared Christmas party won’t be as fun

The main advantage of choosing a shared event is that you can treat your guests to a show-stopping party for a significantly lower price than a private event. That means world-class entertainment and top-notch catering, so make sure they don’t miss out on their best Christmas party yet!

Shared Christmas Party in London

5. Trying to do everything yourself

Planning a Christmas party in London can take weeks, even months of planning. That’s why it’s always best to leave all the hard work to your dedicated event manager, who will be able to take care of everything – from the seating arrangements to the finer details of the logistics.

Shared Christmas Party in London

6. Not choosing a great caterer

Choose a long-established caterer with a track record of delivering outstanding cuisine to luxury venues across the city. Create, the renowned catering partner of The Concerto Group, provides stunning bespoke dishes with bold, seasonal flavours and fresh ingredients. Last year, on December 1st, Create delivered an incredible 21,000 bowls of food, and through the entire festive period it served 31,000 portions of its signature Christmas dish – the mouth-watering 12-hour braised featherblade, which takes the team 36 hours to make!

 Shared Christmas Party in London

7. Not marketing your event

Don’t forget to promote your shared Christmas party on social media and get people talking about it. Distribute invitations with clear information on the date, time, theme and venue, and send people reminders so they don’t forget!

Shared Christmas Party in London 

8. Not asking questions!

When it comes to organising the most important celebration of the year, there’s no such thing as a silly question. So, get in touch with Ultimate Experience for more advice on planning your next shared Christmas party in London. Do you have a particular venue in mind already? Then tell us and we’ll arrange a private viewing.

Shared Christmas Party in London