7 Unique Award Ceremony Event Ideas to Surprise Guests

Award ceremonies should be something special. They’re the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops and use your creative powers. What’s more, they should provide a truly unique event with which to honour, reward, and give thanks to your employees, partners, clients, or whoever else you feel deserves recognition. So why do so many […]

How to Create the Most Effective Social Media Ticket Giveaway Campaign

​Who doesn’t love a great ticket giveaway? They’re the perfect way to massively boost your social media engagement, drum up some real excitement for your event, and reach out your influence to generate powerful and effective leads. Most industry leaders nowadays would agree that ticket giveaway contests and social media ticket giveaway campaigns are among […]

7 Ways to Up Your Corporate Workshop Activity Game

​There’s no doubt about the fact that workshops are – now more than ever – a key part of the professional landscape, and workshop activities have proven time and time again to be a brilliant way to boost engagement, connectivity, creativity, and a sense of dynamism. With the right corporate workshop ideas, the right team […]

The Complete Event Staff Hiring Guide

As anyone who works in events will tell you, the secret to any smoothly-operating event is to make it a real team effort. To hire event staff is to delegate wisely, to ensure that the devil really is in the detail, and to make sure that every eventuality is covered by those who know their […]

7 Event Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

How many corporate events have you attended that have fallen flat due to a lack of creative event entertainment ideas? In our industry, we see it time and time again: attendees looking at their watches, stifling a tired yawn or two, and wishing something would come along to perk proceedings up a little. It’s not […]