5 Steps to Promote a Product Launch Event on Social Media

Knowing how to promote an event isn’t the kind of knowledge which comes naturally. Nor is it something you can do once, and then be perfectly set up for any future launches. Why? Because the world of events and product launches is one which is always changing, and just as your target audience grows and […]

How to Create the Most Effective Social Media Ticket Giveaway Campaign

​Who doesn’t love a great ticket giveaway? They’re the perfect way to massively boost your social media engagement, drum up some real excitement for your event, and reach out your influence to generate powerful and effective leads. Most industry leaders nowadays would agree that ticket giveaway contests and social media ticket giveaway campaigns are among […]

How to Livestream Your Event to Build a Huge Audience

Livestreaming has become an increasingly valuable asset for event planners in recent years. It has provided a way for companies to reach a global audience and make their brand known to people who would otherwise never have a chance to attend a live conference. Once you know how to live stream an event, the rest […]

How to Promote Your Next Event Using LinkedIn

When you ask someone how to promote an event, social media is a well-known resource, utilizing top social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Of course you need to make good use of those sites, but LinkedIn should also be a part of the equation. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just a network for acquiring […]

Social Media Promotion for Events

Planning a big event is no easy task! A lot of work goes into getting every little detail just right, as you want to make it perfect for the guests attending the event. When planning an event, good marketing through social media the key to getting your event off the ground. It’s the best way […]

How to Promote Your Next Charity Event Using Social Media

So you want to know how to promote a charity event using social media? The key is to utilise social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – just to name a few. Never put all your eggs in one basket and rely solely on a single social platform. The importance of integrating multiple networks cannot […]