7 Best Free Gantt Chart Software For Event Management

Every industry has its essential tools. Sculptors have their hammer and chisel. Doctors have their medicine bag and stethoscope. Deep sea divers have their scuba gear… you get the picture. For us event planners and organisers, choosing the best free gantt chart software is about as essential a part of the job as any. Indeed, […]

How 3D Projection Mapping Can Transform Your Event into an Unforgettable Show

Picture the scene: your attendees walk into your next big event, expecting to be faced with the run-of-the-mill lighting and decor they’ve become so used to. However, upon entering, they’re faced with a world of colour, texture, and forms, which leave them wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Such is the effect of projection mapping; one of the […]

Seven Tips for Building Online Event Communities

Make no mistake, the worlds of event management, networking and social interaction in general have all transformed beyond anyone’s expectations over the past decade or so, especially concerning event communities. The reason for this? The seemingly unstoppable rise of social media, and the advent of the online community as a concept and tool in itself. […]

10 Top Event Industry Trends to Implement in 2017

Being right in the forefront of the event industry, we have observed various trends and how they change over the years. What can we expect this time around? As insiders, we get a firsthand look at what our clients and their guests want out of the event experience. Moving forward to 2017, we believe the […]

How to ensure your event is trending on social media

There really is no golden rule when it comes to trending on social media. Sometimes, out of the blue, a random hashtag can turn into a global one-hit wonder and become the most talked about topic of the day. Normally, however, it takes a reasonable amount of research, careful planning, and a few basic marketing skills to ensure your event […]