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10 Ways to Theme Your Halloween Party

You don’t need to be highly creative to throw a killer Halloween bash. Picking a cool theme can make for a unique party and help streamline your decision on what food and drinks to serve. And your guests will appreciate not having to put too much thought into their costumes! Here are 10 spooktacular theme ideas for your Halloween party.


  1. Getting into the Spirit

If you’re throwing a small Halloween shindig, consider a natural black and white theme with bright orange pops. Order black and white striped pumpkins and silhouettes painted on orange pumpkins for a vintage Halloween feel. Make man in the moon lanterns to watch over the food.


  1. Go All Out with a Masquerade Ball

Shake things up this year with a masquerade ball. Carry the theme right through from the invitations to the costumes, and décor. Make masks mandatory and give out prizes for most elegant, scariest and most mysterious. Don’t forget the Halloween-appropriate music such as the Monster Mash or Thriller, or even the soundtrack from Phantom of the Opera.


  1. A Spooky Forest

Create a fun forest right in your living room complete with paper bats, twigs, and branches, and pops of bright green food and décor.


  1. Bringing Back the Dead and Famous

Raise your favourite stars on Halloween by inviting guests to dress as their favourite dead celebrity. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe are always popular choices, so encourage guests to dig a little deeper and think of rock stars, historical figures and authors too.


  1. A Sweet, Sweet Party

For many people, the best part about Halloween is the sweets. So, celebrate it! Stock up on toffee apples, pick n’ mix and a whole variety of orange and black goodies that you can use as edible decorations.


  1. A Murder Mystery

Whodunit dinner parties are always popular. There are plenty of resources online, just be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare the scripts and get your home ready. These parties work best with just a handful of guests.


  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Who doesn’t love the 1970’s cult classic? Bring it back to life by asking guests to dress up as their favourite character from the show and have the movie playing at the party. You may even want to go the whole hog and replicate Eddie’s coffin table for dinnertime.


  1. Brothers Grimm Theme

Make this theme interesting and go beyond just Little Red Riding Hood or the Big Bad Wolf and ask guests to pick lesser-known fairy tale characters to dress up as. Offer a prize for the most well-thought out costume.


  1. Vintage Halloween

For a sophisticated and nostalgic theme, go vintage this Halloween with old-time cut outs of jack o’ lanterns and black cats and use fresh pops of orange, black and white to make your space look timeless.


  1. Throw a Canni-Ball

Invite guests to come to your cannibal party dressed as flesh-hungry zombies. The ball should be all about the food, and the food should look like human body parts. Lay a plastic skeleton out on a buffet table and get creative with your menu, like using mashed potatoes moulded like brains and linked sausages for intestines. Don’t forget the cranberry juice blood punch!


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