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10 Christmas Facts

10 fascinating Christmas facts from Ultimate Experience


As the days continue to shorten and more people start researching venues for Christmas parties, here are some interesting facts about the festive period.


1 – Millions of people start their Christmas shopping in September or earlier

According to a survey by Creditcards.com in 2016, 34 million Americans started shopping for the festive period by September.


2 – A Londoner invented the Christmas cracker

Yes, in 1847, Tom Smith, a confectioner, created this festivity when he noticed some Parisian bonbons that had been wrapped up in paper and contained a twist on both ends. Traditionally, crackers would include small pieces of jewellery or a message of love, although today’s Christmas crackers often have fun novelty gifts (accompanied by some of the worst jokes you’ll ever hear!).


3 – Brits spent nearly £78 billion on Christmas in 2016

This is according to the Centre for Retail Research and RetailMeNot, and averages at about £1185 per person – almost twice the European average. The average household also spent nearly £474 on gifts – more than twice that of Italy and Spain


4 – The Christmas tree over Trafalgar Square is loaned by Norway

20 metres high, the central-London Christmas tree has been gifted by Norway since 1947 as a show of gratitude for Britain’s support for Norway during the Second World War.

Photo from TimeOut


5 – The Victorians made Christmas a family celebration in Britain

During the 19th century, Christmas became a time for entertainment, gift-giving, indulgent meals, decorations, and carol-singing. Charles Dickens’ book ‘A Christmas Carol’ (1843) played a significant influence in spreading these ideas across the country and the rest of the Western world.


6 – In Provence, southeast France, 13 desserts are (traditionally) eaten on Christmas Day

After the ‘le gros souper’ (big supper), people here consume anything from candied fruits and tangerines to yule logs, pralines and croquants aux amandes (crunchy, caramelised almonds).


7 – The average Brit consumes nearly 6,000 calories on Christmas Day

According to research from Wren Kitchens in 2016, this average Brit consumed 5,905 calories on the big day, equivalent to about 32 slices of pizza.


8 – Bing Crosby’s version of ‘White Christmas’ is the world’s best-selling single  

Broadcast on radio on Christmas Day in 1941, this version by the Academy Award-winning actor and singer has sold more than 100 million copies. It was written by Irving Berlin, one of America’s most revered songwriters


9 – Many countries actually celebrate Christmas on December 24th

Countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay open Christmas presents late on Christmas eve, as opposed to Christmas day morning like in the UK.


10 – Many companies book their Christmas parties a year in advance

Because competition for luxury Christmas party venues in London and other areas of the UK is so strong, it’s not uncommon for businesses to be planning their festive celebrations several months or even a year ahead.


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